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Saturday, August 20th 2011

11:33 AM

Bicycle Bag for convinece "The Mondo Bag"

I have been asked to make a bicycle bag that could be used for more thing, more often, that would fit on the center bar of a mans cycle.  One that is double sided, to allow ambidextrous access to contents, and would be able to latch on and come off with ease, and be able to be carried as a possibles carry all, when off the cycle.

I have been making cycle bags for folks for many years, but am just now seeking a resurgence of interest in better center or handlebar bags; and I attribute this to the Cardinal Greenway/White-river trail system here in Muncie, and finally more folks that have had bags made over the years, talking to more folks about how well our gear bags work for their needs.

Whatever the reason, I am elated.  There are a number of cycling rangers that seem to like the more recent designs for their being able to carry so much so easily, and being handy and multifunctional.   This should be a wold class cycling gear bag, that will augment a rear seat or bar bag, making the front part of the cycle as useful as any organizer could be, and will allow for carrying two bottles of refreshment of choice as well.

The bag is made from a combination of 600 denier waterproofed Pack-cloth, and 1000 denier DuPont Cordura waterproofed nylon, and uses a combination of hook and loop fasteners and #8 zippers, with poly-pro web and acetial  delrin  hardware to achieve a combination of useful features, I have not been able to find with any other bag design I have seen in person or found in searches on the internet.

The unit will preview this coming week, and be tested by several local riders who usually ride between 20-50 miles a day, several times a week.  The Mondo will be available in Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Olive Drab, and other colors as asked for.  It will initially retail at $60.00 each, and will begin a line of custom designed and job shop manufactured  cycle bags that will grow to include saddlebags, seat bags, panniers, combo backpack/hydro carriers.

Aimed at Metro, and Commuters, as well as Cross country cyclists, that want lightweight, yet sturdy carriers, and those who need a durable cycle bag, that will be good for going grocery shopping.   
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Wednesday, August 17th 2011

3:30 PM

Concealed Carry, and the types of products we can help you with

As a custom design and job shop, I get my share of folks in, who have looked and looked, and just can't find that bag, case, pouch to do what they want, the way they want.  Usually they come to me out of frustration, after trying many a mass produced product, that has once again failed them.

By coming to me, they expect to have it made to "fit" their needs, and are expecting to pay a little extra but achieve what they are looking for and be a good return on their investment.  Expectations can be many shades of grey sometimes, and not everyone is able to express themselves or articulate their idea very well; and that is where bringing in the physical things in the quantities, they want to otherwise case and pouch them in..

Doing this helps us figure out where what belongs, and how it will interact with other things they want to carry in the bag, case or pouch.  Regardless of worn on our person, on a cycle, or bicycle, or in a vehicle, we can anticipate many of the interactions and build in counter measures to handle them.

Of late, I have seen more and more folks wanting to conceal carry, while engaging in more outside activities, while dressed for warm or hot weather and this often times involves cycling and walking or running.  I am happy to be able to say we have been able to come up with concealed carry solutions for many occasions.

Even going out and grocery shopping, or beach lounging and fishing, we have been getting more folks that just feel safer being able to conceal carry, and not having to sacrifice their preferred carry.  Regardless if we are talking backpacking, cycling, or just out and around with the family, we have been able to come up with designs and products, that allow a broad range of freedom to conceal carry. . . single or even multiple firearms and back up ammo.

So, if your looking to fill a conceal carry need?  Please give us a check out, and find out just how easy it can be.
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Saturday, April 3rd 2010

4:40 PM

Seasons of change in our lives and life work

As of 17 March 2010, I retired, in favor of pursuing my family life with my wife Joyce, of forty-two years, health, and Ministry; as a Community and VSO Chaplain.

To this end, I am no longer associated with the Army Navy Surplus of Muncie, except as a business adviser/mentor to the New Owner/operator, James Patrick Romack, who is the Chaplain of the Marine Corps League, and, commander of the local Young Marines detachment; both of which meet at the VFW Post 651, at 1801 W. Kilgore Ave. Muncie, IN. 47304

And, all can reach him on his cell phone at 765-461-8210, or contact him most days by calling the VFW Post 765-289-8231 and asking for Pat or anyone handling Army Navy Surplus, down in the basement, where he is setting up the shop and he is in the post a lot already, where he does a lot of volunteer work for the post.

So this should be a win win arrangement, for both the post and Pat; and allow both the Post and Pat, to grow the Post location into the a real service center for Veterans, Regular and Irregular Guard, Reserve, and active duty members of all the services and their families, to come find what they need, as it may pertain to Army Navy Surplus, or any of the popular items Military Surplus is known for supporting the Military Community, including CAP and other such groups as ROTC.

Pat has already started taking materials over to the post, and is able to make Name/Dog Tags and do engraving at the post for those who want dog tags and related materials made while they wait . . . right on the spot. Together with having facilities to use when folks come visiting, and having access to a in building ATM, the new shop will be a nice place to come to, and Pat and His family have loads of military experience, to help guide anyone who needs to know what a this or that is, or what it's used for, or how to use it to it's best value.

As the sewing shop has separated from Army Navy Surplus, we will, have come to arrangement and special pricing, to do whatever sewing for any of their clients, who obtain whatever items from Pat's shop; and who brings them over to my shop, a few miles away, if they want modifications, repair and such by me. And we promise to try to make this as easy as possible on all involved. But it should be understood, that I am now formally retired, and will do most all sewing on a by appointment basis.

So you can call me at home 765-747-1934 and make an appointment to have sewing done as I am available, but understand that it will mostly be between Tuesdays-Thursdays and Noon to Six P.M. And maybe some occasional weekends.

So please help us pass the word, and help the wife and I get some peace and quite.

Thank You!

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Thursday, November 19th 2009

7:05 AM

New "Rigger Hut" about to go on line

We have done a lot of improvements around our old Homestead; but all of them are for our Old Folks at home comfort in our latter years, but the newly redesigned "Rigger Hut" is for me to ply my craft in.  That and as a Christ-in Chaplain, have folks come to me to visit or council in.

The new hut is really the old one dismantled, and rebuilt fully insulated, and now with built in features that are as custom for me as the custom sewing work I do for others.
The new hut is sage green color metal Quonset Hut and is looking real good and now set back on the lot behind our home which is a similar color siding and trim.

This time around, the hut will be a sowing / sewing only building and by that I mean there will be no merchandise in it as in times past.

The new address as far as we are concerned is now 1808 E. Jackson St. Muncie, iN. 47305-2745 and our home phone of 765-747-1934 will be our Sowing / sewing contact number.  I have not decided yet to keep my mobil phone line at this time, but it would be 765-585-0776 if we do.

I am planning to keep the same hours for the near time line:  Tuesdays through Saturdays 10:30 - 5:30 and we have moved to a cash and carry basis; as we have gotten rid of our card processing equipment, and services.  We may add a Cashless ATM at some time in the future but it is not a done deal yet.

We will continue to colocate together near the Army Navy Surplus of Muncie which is in the two Quonset Huts in line on the back of 1810 East Jackson St.

The parking lot has been expanded and cleaned up we are preparing to put in a handicap ramp to the Rigger Hut, and steps and floating deck to the Army Navy Surplus.  

We also took down my Daughters Home that was no longer fit for human habitation at 1804 E. Jackson St. which is next to ours and increased the size of the existing driveway from one lane to two lane so it is easier and safer to enter and exit our operations area.

We also with our neighbors permission, put in a gravel walk path across the front of their yard at the roadside to enable folks who visit or shop the Main Street flea market to walk over or vise versa.  And we are continuing to do driveway improvements to the east side of our home to help make finding us easer and safer for those approaching from the east.

Oh yes a lot of improvements have been made from existing materials and the old homestead is really looking great compared to the many years we actually thought of going out and tearing it down.

So we are hoping you will take the time to come visit us and maybe consider us for your next sewing project.  I and the wife are healing well after my cancer surgery and her double bypass surgery and God is not done with us yet.  So when you are of a mind to come visit? or have work done?  Please do.  And thank you for visiting our blog and reading it and maybe even leaving a comment or post.

God Bless and Keep you and Yours.

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Monday, July 6th 2009

10:21 AM

The Decision Process...Repair or Replace what is the best for you?

  I am always being asked what it will cost to repair or modify an existing product.  Often this is the prelude to thinking through the decision making process of weather to repair or replace.

It is not always easy to decide which way to go; but is always worth exploring given the hard economic times many of us are experiencing and it is still true that a penny saved is still a penny earned.  Pennies, Nickles, dimes and quarters add up to dollars all so quickly.

Generally speaking we can return most projects to full functionality; and often make them look great in the process at a great savings.  Then too often if the person is able to do repairs that are more extensive we can look at cause and effect and improve what caused an item to fail and make it better then factory new.  Again were often able to do the repairs at a good savings VS. Replacement of an item.

My unchanging advise is to bring a project need in and receive a FREE Quote on a perspective repair and decide for yourself if it is right for you.  Functional Repairs don't have to cost that much when you come to a shop that has the right tools, equipment, materials, training and experience to be competitive for you.

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Saturday, April 11th 2009

7:11 PM

Magnetic Attraction and then some.

Just think of the things that have a heat seal that have failed you or a grommet that has popped out!

Now think of the sewn seam?  Wow what a wonder when it all comes together to make that durable, long lasting seam function just right to hold your whatever.

A well done thread mated up the right material can make a product last a very long time.

Not only that, but in my shop we use a sail makers hot knife...ever heard od such a thing?  It cuts and cauterizes the fabric so the edge can't just frey out.

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Thursday, January 15th 2009

7:11 PM

Magnetic Attraction and then some.

A while back I became interested (Infatuated actually) with the Idea of Magnetic attraction / repulsion and how to best adapt this wonderful science to my designs. Well recently I have found a supplier who was able to supply me with a really nice supply of +/- magnetic snaps. This new product development allow me a new breadth of use product for all sorts of closures in many different product venues. I am looking forward to many new application that will compete with the likes of Velcro hook and loop, standard snaps, and even hook & eye closures. The coming months will bring about many new and exciting design possibility, in many areas of my design and sewing shop. So that now when a client comes in to have say a Phone Pouch or possibles bag made? I can use Magnetism to keep the flaps closed; making the cycle life much longer then hook & loop or conventional snaps. And often times much more convenient and quite. So I am hoping to see some of you in my shop and when you come in, I hope you will ask about the new magnetic snaps you read about here.
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